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Moyea SWF to Video Converter Updated Version V3.6 Is Released with Some Operating Bug-Fixings and Optimized Functions

Shenzhen P.R.C-Jul 31, 2009-Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( Moyea Software officially announces that some operating bugs of Moyea SWF to Video Converter family were perfectly fixed and releases Moyea SWF to Video Converter Updated Version V3.6 to get more stable and complete function, and the faster conversion experience in its newly-designed user interface.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter family is a series of handy programs that can perfectly convert SWF to Video in a variety of formats. What’s more, the Pro version is also capable of converting SWF to picture formats and SWF to Video with alpha channel.

In this freshly-released V3.6 updated version, Moyea Software has perfectly fixed the following operating bugs and optimized some functions listed below as well, which makes this SWF to Video converter more powerful and much easier to use:

1. Fixed the bug of unabling to input SWF under batch-conversion mode. The software may reject to input some complex files under batch-conversion mode in the previous version due to the fact that it thinks they may not suitable for batch-conversion. However, this bug-fixing now enables you to input multiple SWF files without any problem at a time under batch-conversion mode and then convert them to your desired video formats with just few mouse-clicks and minutes.

2. Fixed the bug that causes some inaccurate dimensions when crop SWF file for SWF to Video Pro. SWF crop is one of the most unique and useful functions in Pro version because it keeps the exact part you want by removing the extra margins, and it’s easy to be done either by dragging the video frame or by setting manually. This improvement ensures you the accurate dimensions of SWF after cropping.

3. Fixed the problem of slow conversion caused by some CPUs. One of Moyea Software’s permanent goals is to provide the high-speed conversion under a variety of circumstances. Moyea consistently works on it and has solved the problem of slow conversion caused by some CPUs in this updated version, which makes the conversion process incredibly fast and at the same time, won’t occupy too much memory.

4. Revised the operation of Profile menu which makes it clearer and easier to use. Profile menu is provided everytime with Moyea SWF to Video converter family for some advanced settings of video and audio which includes many professional parameters that you can choose from its drop-down menus. Some operations of Profile menu has been revised this time to make it clearer and easier for all-level customers to get a better output quality.

5. Real Media format RMVB was newly-added to the output format list for both Std and Pro version. RMVB is a RealNetWorks streaming media format with low rate and acceptable picture quality. By adding this new output format, the program will definitely ensure the users high qualities for those output files.

6. UI interface was prettified. Moyea Software is always working on the purpose that the customers deserve the best operating experience brought by its neat and friendly user interface. And that’s all this update about. The prettified user interface is exactly designed for this to make the converter simpler and easier to use.

With above bug-fixings and optimized functions and improvements, Moyea SWF to Video Converter updated version V 3.6 is one of the greatest choices for those who want to convert SWF to Video/Audio/Picture in a variety of formats.

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Record How You Play Online Games

Who likes those funny little online games? Hands up!

Proudly to say, I’m one of them. Not only it can relax you a little bit from the stressed office, but also it can make me happy by sharing those little secrets with other players on how to win this game.

Personally, I have a unique way to share my champion secrets and all you need are just two things: one good online game website and one SWF to Video Converter. By the way, the reason why we need such a SWF to Video Converter is because almost the online games are made in SWF format(short for “Shockwave Flash” or “Small Web Format”) and if you want to record the playing procedures and share with other game players on youtube or other video-sharing websites, this kind of converter definitely helps!

Here comes the step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Go to where I find a lot of free and interesting online games. Choose your favorite game. Tell me if you have other better recommendations.

online game website

Step 2: Open Moyea SWF to Video Pro, grab this SWF game by entering its URL.

moyea swf to video converter pro

grab swf game with moyea flash download

Step 3: Click “Convert SWF” to go babk to Moyea SWF to Video Pro interface.

convert swf game

Step 4: Click “Export” to set the output parameters.

set output parameters

Step 5: Click “Convert” and then click “Paly and Capture” in the conversion interface. Now it’s time to show how excellent you are at games! Play the game now and don’t forget to show the tricks that you are going to share, Moyea SWF to Video Pro will record every moment of yours from now on.

play and capture swf game

Step 6: Click “Finish” to start the encoding process. When it’s finished, upload this video to youtube right now and proudly announce the “King of Game” is coming. Enjoy and have fun!

encoding process

Digg Hijacks Twitter Traffic Confirmed

I guess you will be pissed off if there is a high way that claims to bring you to spot A, then diverting it to spot B without telling any of the drivers.

And sorry to say Digg is doing the same thing.

Digg is getting popular based on its ability to drive traffic to publishers’ websites, however, the thing is changed now.

The Digg users have noticed this odd change in the way Digg short URLs work: for those logged-out users visiting any content on Digg, they are not no longer redirected to the source of the content, instead, they are redirected to the landing page of itself.

Sources from Digg have confirmed the news is true by saying that “This is working as intented” and “This is not a mistake”.

This move definitely brings negative influence and may sour the relationships between Digg and its publishers. For example, the massive publishers may have thought they already created a link for their own content and it should send all the visitors to the intented destination, but it turns out that all they have done actually drives more traffic to Digg. It’s likely to damage the trust and hurt the confidence.

Worse, there are two further problems. First, Digg fails to inform the community of this change, therefore the publishers are still using short URLs to create links to their favorite websites without knowing that they are actually diverting their Twitter followers to Digg. Second, all the links created before are redirected to now.

Never too Late to Download Transformers 2 Wallpapers

Hot! Hot! Hot! Not just the weather, but also the box office of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen! Transformers 2 box office totals pass $200 million in opening weekend and it possibly ends at an estimated $201 million!

If you have watched that movie, it’s good, if you haven’t yet, it’s even better cause you can have a glance at the following transformers 2’s wallpapers and then download them to your computer. Just enjoy and have fun!

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 1: Director-Michael Bay

transformers 2:michael-bay

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 2: Autobot-Optimus Prime

transformers 2:optimus-prime

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 3: Autobot-Bumblebee

transformers 2: bumblebee

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 4: Autobot-Ironhide

transformers 2: ironhide

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 5: Autobot-Ratchet

transformers 2:ratchet

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 6: Autobot- Arcee

transformers 2: arcee

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 7: Autobot- Mudflap and Skids

transformers 2:mudflap-and-skids

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 8: Autobot- Sideswipe

transformers 2:sideswipe

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 9: Autobot-Wheelie

transformers 2:wheelie

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 10: Autobot-The Dynasty of Primes

transformers 2:the-dynasty-of-primes

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 11: Transformers 2 Poster


Transformers 2 Wallpaper 12: Actor-Shia Labeouf

transformers 2:shia-labeouf-1

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 13: Actor-Shia Labeouf

transformers 2:shia-labeouf-2

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 14: Actor-Shia Labeouf

transformers 2:shia-labeouf-3

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 15: Actress-Megan Fox

transformers 2:megan-fox-1

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 16: Actress-Megan Fox

transformers 2:megan-fox-2

Transformers 2 Wallpaper 17: Actress-Megan Fox

transformers 2:megan-fox-4

Download them today and have fun!

Pamela Laverne Long Charged in Connection to the “Super Parents” Deaths

Pamela Laverne Long, also known as Pamela Wiggins, Pamela Long Wiggins, Pamela Elle Malden, Pamela Long Link and Pamela Laverne Long Coco, a local Florida Real Estate Agent; a “person of interest” in the murder of Byrd and Melanie Billings-the “super parents” of 16 children-who were found dead in their home a week ago, turned herself in for questioning on Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

Long is the landlord and an alleged family friend of Leonard Gonzales Jr., who is believed to be one of the principle people involved in the Billings murder. She is 47 years old and from Georgia. Long was charged with felony grand theft in 1988, to which she pleaded guilty after it was dropped to a misdemeanor. The potential involvement of Long adds to a growing list of people who contributed to killing Byrd and Melanie Billings; on Tuesday, July 14, another seven people were arrested in connection with the double murder.

How to Extract SWF Flash from MicroSoft Excel

If  SWF flashes can be added to Microsoft Word, to extract SWF flashes from Microsoft Excel also makes sense.

And surprisingly, it’s not difficult at all. The step-by-step tutorial below reveals how to extract those beatiful SWF flashes from Excel and then share with your friends on video-sharing website, let’s have a look:

Step 1: Open an Excel with SWF flash, click “View”, choose “Toolbars” from drop-down menu, and then choose “Control Toolbox”.

click "Control Toolbox" in Excel with SWF flash

Step 2: Click “Design Mode” on the control toolbox to enter design mode and right click flash to choose “Copy”, then paste it in any folder in your computer and you will see a file named “Segment”.

click"Design Mode" to enter

copy and save the SWF flash

Step 3: Open Winhex(which you can easily find and download from Google) and then open the file named “Segment”.

open the file "Segment" with Winhex

Step 4: Click “Search”, choose “Find Hex Values”, type “465753” to search.

search "465753"

After searching, it will stop at number “4”, right click the number and choose “Beginning of block”.

beginning of block

Step 5: Click “Search” again, choose “Find Hex Values”, type “3A5C” to search while pressing “F3”.

search "3A5C"

A window says “3A5C was not found” will pop up, click “OK” to confirm.

click "OK" to confirm search result

Then it will stop at number “3”, right click the number and choose “End of block”.

end of block

Step 6. Right click anywhere inside the block, choose “Edit”, then “Copy Block”, and then “Into New File”. Put a new name(xxx.swf) and save it.

copy block and save it in computer

So far, the SWF flash is successfully extracted from Excel. If you want to convert this flash to other video or audio format, or if you want to upload it to some video-sharing websites, use Moyea SWF to Video Converter, just one click can complete the task.

convert SWF to FLV

How to Insert Flash(SWF) to Microsoft Word?

Do you ever think to add some cute flashes into your Microsoft Word to make it more colorful and interesting? Do you ever complain how difficult it is to find those SWF flashes that you are going to add? If your answer is YES, then I think the following content is quite useful for you.

Question 1: how to find SWF flashes?

Provided that you don’t have any existing SWF flashes at hand, no problem, let’s download some from internet with the help of Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Its embedded Moyea Flash Download enables you to download SWF flashes online and all you have to do is just to enter URL.

Question 2: how to insert SWF flashes to word?

Step 1: Open a new word document, click “View”, choose “Toolbars” from drop-down menu, then choose “Control Toolbox”.

click"Control Toolbox" in a new Word

Step 2: Click “More Controls” in the Control Toolbox and then choose “Shockwave Flash Object” from the selection list.

input SWF object

Step 3: Right click the inserted flash control toolbox, choose “Properties

choose "Properties" to set other parameters

Step 4: In properties interface:

a. choose “Movie” to input the complete path and name of SWF file downloaded before, for example, D:\Backup\My Document\Moyea\SWFGrab\fourth.swf

b. choose “EmbedMovie” and set it as “True

c. choose “Scale” and keep it as “ShowAll

settings for SWF

Step 5: Click “Exit Design Mode” to play the flash inserted and click “Design Mode” to edit again.

activate flash

So now you have a very cool flash in your word document and I’m sure there are a lot of fun too. Enjoy!