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Version History of Moyea DVD4Web Converter

Powerful DVD to Flash Video Converter!

Moyea DVD4Web Converter is offers excellent solution for the multiple requirements to convert DVD to flash video files(FLV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2) which video share site like YouTube, Google Video supports, Adobe Flash Player supports for Moyea Web Player.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V.4.2
(Aug. 15, 2011)
1.Added memory function for output directory.
2.Added the ability to convert 2D to 3D.
3.Enhanced utility nodes display after conversion. 4.Optimized titles by removing fake title and repeated titles for more discs.
5.Automatically select DVD loading modes.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.3.1.0
(Mar.3, 2010)
1. Enriched graphics of profile list
2. Enhanced video trim function
3. Improved preview for customized videos
4. Fixed conversion problem with .wma and .flac outputs
5. Fixed bugs with some format conversions resulting in audioless
6. Enhanced UI operability and user experience

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0
(Dec.25, 2009)
1. Fixed bugs of outputting some video files with data or audio lossing
2. Fixed bugs of watermark function
3. Optimized profile settings
4. ,Fixed some small bugs during conversion.
5. Perfected the synchronization of video and audio file.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.0
(Oct.26, 2009)
1. Users can self-custom both image and text watermark
2. Video and Audio are in good synchronization
3. Greatly improved the conversion speed
4. Much more stable for converting
5. Fixed the problem of process bar immovability on conversion

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V1.6
(Aug. 04, 2009)
1. Revised the interface style, integrated the conversion interface into the main window.
2. Re-optimized a variety of file conversion-control functions.
3. Optimized the program ability to read discs.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V1.5
(Apr. 8, 2009)
1. Optimized the output interface of profile settings
2. Enhanced the capability of Disc-reading and improved the fluency of video previewing
3. Fixed the bug of incorrect subtitles after video conversion
4. Optimized the previewing effect of widescreen video

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V1.3
(Jan. 14, 2009)
1.Fixed the problem of interface distortion under window2000.
2.Fixed the problem of stopping playing occasionally.
3.Fixed the unsynchronization problem of time and video
4.Optimized the problem that some output videos cann't be played.
5.Added version No. on the "About" interface.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V1.1
(Jun. 19, 2008)
Improved Codec Profile, added output quality option

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V1.0 Released!
(Apr 22, 2008)
1. Convert DVD to FLV and MP4 file with H.264 codec for web uses.
2. Adjust video brightness and contrast, drag audio volume bar.
3. Trim duration time and crop unnecessary video image.
4. Get thumbnails to enrich your picture base.
5. Further set audio and video parameter.
6. Support batch conversion.

Price: $29.95

Moyea DVD4Web Converter
Powerful DVD to Flash Video Converter!

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